Paul Mellia Studios

This is the only Official Website of Paul Mellia, Super Realism Artist.

Paul Mellia has spent the last 30 years creating original artwork in a style admired by all who have collected his work.

Staying faithful to the original characteristics of his subjects, Paul adds a 3-dimensional effect to his finished pieces that not only makes the work individual but also a secure investment for any reputable art collector.

In 2006 Paul Mellia’s ‘Batman & Joker’ Original was sold in a London gallery for £56,000 and was recently re-sold via the London Stock Exchange for in excess of £76,000.

Secondary sales of Paul Mellia’s work is becoming more and more apparent, providing a lucrative asset for those looking to make a sound investment. Since appearing in The Financial Times in 2010 Paul has been inundated by investors and enquiries into all of his work. From Bankers through to his regular fans, Paul’s artwork illustrates how it can prove worthwhile to invest in his art, rather than leaving money in a bank.

OCTOBER 2016 : Paul Mellia is excited to soon be revealing a brand new collection of Original work, never seen before, which he has been working on for the past 12 months. It has been a journey of passion & emotion which is reflected in every piece that he's created.

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